At Balboa Park in San Diego, photo taken by my dear friend Hannah Fulton

My name is Jessica, and I started on my herbal path several ago when my grandmother passed away, although, I’ve always been interested in gardening, plants, and nature. My Grammy was a huge inspiration in my life and she taught me all about gardening and flowers at a young age. She studied botany at Ohio State University and every year we grew a butterfly garden together. We used to visit our family’s island on Bear Lake in Ontario every few years and forage blueberries for pies and pancakes, fish for large and small mouth bass and pike, and take baths in the lake! These are some of my fondest childhood memories, and I’ve carried this natural connection with me throughout life.

My Grammy (center) holding me (left) and my cousin Sam (right) during one of our trips to Bear Lake

Formally, I have a B.A. in Anthropology and certificates in Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies. My interests include herbalism, sustainability, food systems, environmental justice, and ethnobotany. At the center of this is holistic health, which to me means nourishing yourself, your community, and your planet. By day, I work in tech in Bay Area, but my nights and weekends are filled with nature, local food, and cooking. I’ve taken Herbal Academy (affiliate) courses and herbal classes with Ana Victoria and Damiana of La Tierra Buena Collective as well as a number of other herbalists at the Good Medicine Confluence and at my local herbal shop, Scarlet Sage.

In my blog, you’ll learn about plants and herbs, healthy recipes, nature, and sustainable living. I also have an Etsy shop, Moonflower Medicinals, where you can purchase some of my remedies if you are inspired! However, one of my main goals is to offer guidance into how you can “DIY” your own herbal remedies and healthy recipes to suit your lifestyle.

While I feel like I’ve achieved success in health and wellness, this isn’t the case for much of the US, especially in areas which are mostly low-income and minority populations. I focused much of my studies on environmental justice and racism. Many people live in food deserts, and I realize that I’m fortunate to live in an area with ample fresh and organic local produce. Growing up in the midwest and attending school in Appalachian Ohio, I’ve witnessed first hand the effects of Big Ag and Big Pharma on the health of both the land and the people. The opioid epidemic is rampant in Ohio, so much so that the state sued Purdue Pharma. On this blog, I hope to shed some light on social and environmental justice issues. From time to time, I’d also like to open up a percentage of my sales to donate to organizations that promote sustainability and justice.

A heart-shaped rock I found at Indian Beach along the Oregon coast

I hope you’ll join me on this journey! I’d love to hear from each of you what herbs you enjoy working with, how you stay healthy, and where you struggle. We can learn from each other along the way!